About Us

Who is Compete Cruisers?

Good Question: Complete Cruisers is the creation of 2 mates who were sick of two things and decided to do something about it!

Number one - Generic parts sellers - if you drive a Commodore or Camry (and there's nothing wrong with that, but stay with us) you'll find that your typical mechanics and parts stores can get you the right parts and get it fixed. If you drive a 1982 HJ47, not so much. Too many parts sellers rely on their catalogue to tell them what's what, and have never done a swivel housing job, replaced a clutch or changed a set of injectors, and it shows. Our old trucks need the right fluids, the correct parts and a bit of special care, and we've been there and done that.

Number two - Kinda like number one - we liked to work on our own trucks, but sometimes time doesn't permit that. Every time we left our babies at someone's shop, we were never too sure about what was going to get done the way we wanted it, and what wasn't. We speak fluent Land Cruiser, we only fit parts we'd use ourselves, and we fit them the way Toyota intended, with the reference of the Factory Service Manual and years of experience repairing, maintaining and modifying solid-axle Land Cruisers.

This is our promise: If you get parts, fluids or consumables off us to do a job, you'll get the right parts, the right oil, grease and fluids and the right advice, the first time!

If you entrust us with the care of your truck, we will do what we say we'll do, the right way and in the right timeframe. 

We get it, we own, drive and work on Land Cruisers, and we've learnt what works and what doesn't work over the years and we're keen to share our knowledge with you.